Arpa EF

Accommodation in
a wooden cabin

Accommodation in a wooden cabin

We carry about nature which results in a camping option of accommodation with minimal impact on the environment. This option is called “glamping”. A wonderful view opens from “Arpa Valley Cabin” and you have a great opportunity to observe bezoar goats living in the opposite mountains. The cabin is located in Areni village, Vayots Dzor region. Thanks to the attractive location, it will be possible to visit the Noravank monastery complex,Arpa Protected Landscape, Areni 1 and Magil caves, which are in the list of “Must Visit Places” of Vayots Dzor region. The cabin as an accommodation has more amenities like bathroom, toilet, kitchenette, hot and cold water, air conditioning, refrigerator. If you like the smell of wood, you can breathe it constantly inside the cabin, because the walls are made entirely of wood.